symfony本家のtracにあるzsh Completion fileの_1st_argumentsを以下のように変更して

  'help:Displays help for a task'
  'h:Displays help for a task'

  'list:List tasks'

  'cc:Clears the cache'
  'cache\:clear:Clears the cache'

  'configure\:author:Configure project author'
  'configure\:database:Configure database DSN'

  'generate\:app:Generates a new application'
  'generate\:module:Generates a new module'
  'generate\:project:Generates a new project'
  'generate\:task:Creates a skeleton class for a new task'

  'i18n\:extract:Extracts i18n strings from php files'
  'i18n\:find:Finds non "i18n ready" strings in an application'

  'log\:clear:Clears log files'
  'log\:rotatei:Rotates an application log files'

  'plugin\:add-channel:Add a new PEAR channel'
  'plugin\:install:Installs a plugin'
  'plugin\:list:Lists installed plugins'
  'plugin\:uninstall:Uninstalls a plugin'
  'plugin\:upgrade:Upgrades a plugin'

  'project\:clear-controllers:Clears all non production environment controllers'

  'project\:deploy:Deploys a project to another server'
  'sync:Deploys a project to another server'

  'project\:disable:Disables an application in a given environment'
  'disable:Disables an application in a given environment'

  'project\:enable:Enables an application in a given environment'
  'enable:Enables an application in a given environment'

  'project\:freeze:Freezes symfony libraries'
  'freeze:Freezes symfony libraries'

  'project\:permissions:Fixes symfony directory permissions'
  'permissions:Fixes symfony directory permissions'

  'project\:unfreeze:Unfreezes symfony libraries'
  'unfreeze:Unfreezes symfony libraries'

  'project\:upgrade1.1:Upgrade a symfony project to the 1.1 symfony release'

  'propel\:build-all:Generates Propel model, SQL and initializes the database'
  'propel\:build-all-load:Generates Propel model, SQL, initializes database, and load data'
  'propel\:build-db:Creates database for current model'
  'propel\:build-forms:Creates form classes for the current model'
  'propel\:build-model:Creates classes for the current model'
  'propel\:build-schema:Creates a schema.xml from an existing database'
  'propel\:build-sql:Creates SQL for the current model'
  'propel\:data-dump:Dumps data to the fixtures directory'
  'propel\:data-load:Loads data from fixtures directory'
  'propel\:generate-crud:Generates a Propel CRUD module'
  'propel\:init-admin:Initializes a Propel admin module'
  'propel\:insert-sql:Inserts SQL for current model'
  'propel\:schema-to-xml:Creates schema.xml from schema.yml'
  'propel\:schema-to-yml:Creates schema.yml from schema.xml'

  'test\:all:Launches all tests'
  'test\:functional:Launches functional tests'
  'test\:unit:Launches unit tests'


colinux /home/takitake% symfony p
symfony commands
plugin:add-channel                      -- Add a new PEAR channel
plugin:install                          -- Installs a plugin
plugin:list                             -- Lists installed plugins
plugin:uninstall                        -- Uninstalls a plugin
plugin:upgrade                          -- Upgrades a plugin
project:clear-controllers               -- Clears all non production environme
project:deploy                          -- Deploys a project to another server
project:disable                         -- Disables an application in a given
project:enable                          -- Enables an application in a given e
project:freeze                          -- Freezes symfony libraries
project:permissions        permissions  -- Fixes symfony directory permissions
project:unfreeze                        -- Unfreezes symfony libraries
project:upgrade1.1                      -- Upgrade a symfony project to the 1.
propel:build-all                        -- Generates Propel model, SQL and ini
propel:build-all-load                   -- Generates Propel model, SQL, initia
propel:build-db                         -- Creates database for current model
propel:build-forms                      -- Creates form classes for the curren
propel:build-model                      -- Creates classes for the current mod
propel:build-schema                     -- Creates a schema.xml from an existi
propel:build-sql                        -- Creates SQL for the current model
propel:data-dump                        -- Dumps data to the fixtures director
propel:data-load                        -- Loads data from fixtures directory
propel:generate-crud                    -- Generates a Propel CRUD module
propel:init-admin                       -- Initializes a Propel admin module
propel:insert-sql                       -- Inserts SQL for current model
propel:schema-to-xml                    -- Creates schema.xml from schema.yml
propel:schema-to-yml                    -- Creates schema.yml from schema.xml


colinux /home/takitake% symfony project:
No matches for: `symfony commands'

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